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Shopify Payments is the simplest way to accept payments online. It eliminates the hassle of setting up a third-party payment provider or merchant account and having to enter the credentials into Shopify. With Shopify Payments you’re automatically set up to accept all major payment methods as soon as you create your Shopify store.

Before you use Shopify payments, review the following requirements:

shopify payment gateway

Details of Our Shopify Gateway Account

  • We offer 100% genuine account
  • Our account is merchant verified.
  • Our accounts are based in the USA, UK, CAN ETC
  • We offer entirely fresh accounts with no transactional history.
  • It is active and ready to receive payments instantly.
  • A trusted bank was used to verify the account.
  • A unique phone number was used to verify.
  • Real SSN & Driving license information was used.
  • Our account is email verified.
  • The residential IP address was used to create the account.
  • We offer 10 days replacement guarantee.

When you use Shopify Payments, you aren’t charged third-party transaction fees for orders that are processed through Shopify Payments, Shop Pay, Shop Pay Installments, and Paypal Express, and you aren’t charged transaction fees on manual payment methods such as cash, cash on delivery (COD), and bank transfers.

Shopify Plus merchants who use Shopify Payments pay no transaction fees except for merchants in Austria, Belgium, and Sweden.

shopify payment gateway

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6 reviews for Shopify Payment Gateway Account | Buy Shopify Payment Account

  1. abhishekdalvi7

    quick and professional. Happy with job.

  2. bhaiak09

    1) Good Service 2) Very experienced.

  3. konyuu55

    It’s been a fantastic experience thanks to kunal! There to help at every point and even some ideas I had were brought to life in a better way than I even thought possible. I’m extremely satisfied, thank you so much!! I will absolutely be back in the future for any Shopify gateway needs I may have.

  4. famizunnisha22

    they are very professional and very much helpful as it was my first experience in developing a Shopify gateway for my business shopfront.

  5. mariyam662

    he is a pro , extremally fast , clear and if i need any help he is that one thanks a lot

  6. kojikyy

    I have worked with kunal on several occasions and the work he delivers is always of the highest quality. He is patient and the communication is very good. Thank you for another great job!

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